Thursday, August 22

Well, as the Trial Examinations have finished and the teachers are all busily marking, the Year 12s are on a well earned rejuvenation break today, Friday. It is my hope that Year 12 all come back on Monday fresh and ready to dive into the final weeks of classes for their High School Careers. There is a great deal happening and a great deal for you all to stay on top of.

1. Jerseys are in (finally), make sure you have paid in full and pick them up from Mr Simpson.

2. Get your payment in for the Formal!

3. Coming in Week 8 - Year 12 Study Camp. More information to come on this.

4. Staff v Year 12 Basketball Match - More information to come and you will definitely need your A Game to beat Slimmo and his superstar teacher team.

5. Final Church Time, Final Formal SS Assembly, Graduation Ceremony all in the last week of term.


Make sure that in all of these activities that you are not losing focus of what you all need to be doing in your classes and that you finish the term strong and are well prepared for the HSC Examinations. You will all learn a lot from your performance in the trials and it is important that you do not slacken off during this time but that you are hitting your peak performance. Remember to always communicate with your teachers and do it regularly! They are your best resource and are all there to help you as much as they can!

See you all next week.

Mr Simpson.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is coming up soon and I would love to see as many people as possible getting involved. You all know the amazing feeling you get when you receive a special gift on Christmas. Wouldn't you love to know that children who are less fortunate than you  are able to experience the same happiness and joy by opening gifts on Christmas morning. It is up to us to put smiles on these children's faces by making them feel loved and cared for.

This year, we are aiming for 150 boxes to be filled in senior school. A total of 450 boxes will be our aim throughout our whole school community. We need as many people as possible to be passionate and help us reach this goal. Please bring in your boxes by Week 10.

Thank you, SLC.

Thursday, July 25

Trial Examination Timetable

Welcome to Term Three!

There is a great deal going on for Year 12 this term, and you need to make sure that you are staying on top of all that you have going on and all that is to be expected of you this term. It is your last term at the college in classes and there is a lot to get done before the end of the term. Please make sure that you are not switching of and 'cruising', you need to make sure that you are doing all that your teachers expect of you. You should also be regularly communicating with your teachers.

As well as the items listed below, those of you who have major work assignments will need to be finalising them over the next few weeks according to the directives of your teachers. Make sure that you are on top of all of the work that you need to be doing for these so that you can produce work that you an be proud of. As well as this, you need to make sure that you are all lifting your game in all of your subjects. You all received your ATAR estimates from Mr. Camilleri and a large majority of you made indications that you have more you can do to achieve results that you can be proud of. I charge you to consider ways that you work smarter in your subjects, both at college as well as at home. Make sure that your study program is effective and giving you adequate time to review all of your subjects.

Week 3:

Tuesday 30th July - Parent Teacher Interviews
Thursday 1st August - The Works

Week 5 & 6:
Monday 12th August - Friday 23rd August - Trial HSC Examinations

Mr. Simpson

Saturday, June 22

MPH Funtimes!

It has been great to see and hear some of the initiatives that are coming out of the Student Leadership Council this year, and one of them has been organising some play times with younger students in the MPH. This is a fantastic initiative as younger kids really get a great deal out of attention from our older students. I really hope that these kinds of initiatives can continue at MACC and that the SLC can continue to find new and exciting ways to create a greater college atmosphere and interaction among the students. Below are some photos of our Year 12's having a great time with this initiative. 

Thursday, June 6

The Hub

Very exciting to see Year 12 Business Studies using the new learning spaces in 'The Hub'.

Keep up the good work guys.

Mr. Simpson

Mathematics in action

Now, I am often one to argue that English is a much more relevant subject when it comes to usability, but it was exciting to see Year 12 putting their measuring skills to work. Joel, how big is your face?

Keep up the good work guys!

Mr. Simpson

Monday, May 27

Local Library Sessions

Hi Guys,

There are some HSC Lectures being held locally that you all should have a look at. One of them is by Peter Skrzynecki, Advanced English Poet. There are also sessions on secrets to HSC success, all you need to know about the ATAR, the English Area of Study, the Trial HSC, Business Studies and Legal Studies. The link is below, I recommend you check it out.

Mr. Simpson

Sunday, May 19


Hi guys,

Some things to be aware of this week:

1. hscLive is hosting a PDHPE workshop on the 25th May. It is Saturday, and it does run all day, but it will be immensely helpful!

2. hscLive is hosting a Biology workshop on the 26th May. Like the PDHPE workshop, this also will be immensely helpful.

There a whole bunch of seminars coming up in June that I will keep you aware of.

Mr. Simpson

Friday, May 3

Key Dates.

There are some key dates that you need to keep in mind for this term.

1. Your assessment tasks have been structured in such a way that you will have one task due pretty much per week this term, to make sure you stay on top of them.

2. Deposit money for Jerseys is due back Monday 13th May.

3. Permission note for Careers Expo is due back Monday 13th May.

4. There is to be a Year 12 Study day on the last day of Week 9, so if you have organised to work in the sport time that you would normally go home or if you have some other activity organised, you have plenty of time to change it. This day will be geared towards preparation for your Trial HSC Examinations.

There will be more dates coming for you to be aware of.

Mr. Simpson.